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“Simply amazing martial art style in Fort Myers FL, Wing Chun Kuen is the original style of Bruce Lee. If you are looking for a simple and direct approach to self-defense then this is an excellent program for you.”

The Wing Chun method will allow you to evaluate yourself internally, giving you the ability to have total dominance of your body, mind, and spirit eternally. Wing Chun will help you blossom into a great martial artist and a remarkable human being.

The teaching at our academy is simply one of the best in the nation. While Grandmaster Gallaher has been teaching Wing Chun in the Fort Myers area since 1992, he is an international teacher, having taught in two of the VingTsun Athletic Association First World Representatives Conferences in Hong Kong. He is also a featured author in the Ip Man VingTsun 50th Anniversary Book and produced several Wing Chun DVDs.
I’ve trained under Sifu Gallaher at the Gung Fu Institute for the past two years. As a 41 year old professional, I was looking for a program that would be challenging and reward effort. I wanted instruction from individuals who were not only skilled in the technical aspects of the fighting style but were true aficionados of the system. I found all this with Sifu Gallaher and the other instructors at the Gung Fu Institute. The camaraderie amongst the students and the instructors is very real and the instruction is first rate. If you’re looking for something more than a shopping mall martial arts experience this is that school.
- John Dwyer, Wing Chun Student Rank: Blue Sash
My name is Rafael. I started learning Wing Chun with Sifu (master or teacher of Martial Arts in Chinese) David Gallaher two years ago. I was very lucky to find a top notch school in a small city like Fort Myers.Sifu’s deep knowledge of Wing Chun, JKD + other disciplines and his dedication to Martial Arts is admirable. The classes offered are of the highest quality. I attend his kickboxing class once a week and his stretching classes twice per week, excellent complements to Wing Chun which is offered 4 times per week.Sifu’s teaching has made a big difference to my well-being and health. Sifu is an inspiration, always reminding us of how important is to eat well, quiet our minds, develop our body’s potential and being watchful of the emotional energy that we put out.We have a group of advanced students and instructors that are knowledgeable, helpful and available when we need them. For me they are role models that show us what is possible if we put the time and dedication to learn what the school has to offer. Thank you guys, I highly recommend the school but as Sifu told me when I joined: you get out as much as you put into it. Personally I have made Wing Chun my lifetime commitment; it requires patience and persistence to learn it well, fortunately Sifu and the Gung Fu Institute are available.
- Rafael Espinoza, Wing Chun Student, Rank: Green Sash
Hi to Everyone that’s reading this letter, my name is Izzy. I am one of the lucky students attending David Gallaher’s Gung Fu Institute. I have been with my Sifu Grandmaster David Gallaher since March 26, 2007 and from that day my life started to change for the better. When I first came to the Institute, I planned to just attend a martial arts school with the idea of taking exercising in a different direction. I was tired of the same routine every day at the gym so I decided to do something different.

I was going to attend a martial arts Institute that teaches Wing Chung, Jeet Kune Do, Kali-Arnis-Escrima and at first I didn’t know what these arts were bu luckily I had a special person to explain what these arts were, I even got a small demo. Afterwards I was eager to sign up for classes, I just had one question left, WHAT’S GUNG FU? My future Sifu (teacher) stood in front of me, with a look that I would never forget. After more explaining I learned that Jeet Kune Do and Wing Chun make up Gung Fu. From the day I started at the institute it has been nothing but great experiences. I have learned how to maximize my strength, not just by building muscle but by using correct body structure and because of this there isn’t any wasted energy or motion. A strong core is the basis of any athlete.

With Sifu’s great understanding of body structure, he takes the arts to what it’s meant to be, mind and body working as one. Training may seem normal at first but after a while you will see there is something else in the mix. When practicing punching/kicking and grappling drills in Jeet Kune Do or trapping/sticky leg and sensitivity drills in Wing Chun your body will feel more in tune with your mind.

It won’t be just another mindless exercise, there’s always good things coming from David Gallaher’s Gung Fu Institute. I’ve also learned about myself as a person, who I am, and what I want to do with my life. We live in a world where things needed to be done yesterday and if you truly want to enjoy life and learn something on the way you need to slow down, take a deep breath, and take in the world around you.

Good things come with time and hard work but no one said you can’t enjoy life while you’re trying to accomplish something good for yourself.
- Izzy Lara, Wing Chun Student, Rank: Brown Sash
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In the summer of ’11, I had a defining moment. My partner, Tammy, and I were walking in broad daylight thru the streets of Barcelona, when a 20-ish year old man tried to strong arm me. He and I struggled briefly over my backpack, as Tammy instinctively struck his arm and punched him at the same time! She had broken his grip on the backpack and he began to run! I was impressed! Tammy had taken classes with Sigung David Gallaher almost 15 years prior. Her response was pure reaction! My initial reaction was to chase him, for about three steps. I realized I did not have my gun, Taser, or radio. You see I’m a law enforcement officer! For over 30 years, I have grown comfortable and over dependent on my weapons! At that moment, I decided I would contact Sigung Gallaher as soon as I got home. I love to travel – anytime, anywhere! I wanted to learn to better protect myself when traveling.

Indeed, safety while traveling was the catalyst for my seeking out Sigung Gallaher. However, as I became more exposed to Wing Chun and Jeet Kune Do, I look back at certain situations in my career and shiver. I realize how ill prepared I was, and I believe most law enforcement officers are, to encounter someone reasonably trained in martial arts. I also realize how fortunate we are to have an instructor with the knowledge, passion, and expertise of Sigung Gallaher. He is of undoubtedly WORLD CLASS caliber.

As you may well assume, I am no youngster. However, classes with Sigung have helped with strength, conditioning, endurance, balance, structure, and flexibility. These benefits alone are awesome and will certainly add to my quality of life! Yet, the ability to learn the arts of Wing Chun and Jeet Kune Do from such an honest, genuine grandmaster makes my training at The Gung Fu Institute invaluable!
- Diane Gamble , Wing Chun Student, Rank: Orange Sash



Wing Chun Kung Fu is one of the most sophisticated martial arts. Wing Chun addresses both the soft and hard principles of combat. This allows a smaller framed person to defend himself or herself against a larger, stronger opponent. Most of the time in Wing Chun we are actually using the opponent’s force against himself or herself by understanding body mechanics.


Wing Chun is based on solid theory that can be quickly utilized in the real world. It is a fascinating method of fighting. Wing Chun will not make you Superman, but it will leave no stone unturned in self-defense training. With Wing Chun training you will tune into your body, your senses will be heightened and you’ll be enlightened to self-awareness that makes Wing Chun a unique art.


Inner-Power is the ability to utilize the mind and put all emphasis of the body into one point. It is also the ability to channel the body as a whole and direct it to the need of the mind. You will learn: concentration, honing all the skills by learning the emotional mind, calming the mind, and learning how to achieve the wise mind.


It is important to have self-reflection and self-actualization to achieve true inner awareness of one’s self. Our program will help you throughout your life by giving you the tools to overcome obstacles that hold you back from arriving at your full potential as a human being. If you are already successful you will become more successful by learning all of these aspects and more:Self-reliance, self-respect, bravery, self-confidence, self-esteem.

How long does it take to be a black belt?
This depends on you as an individual. For example, Depending on how often you come to the school, your ability, whether you take privates or semi-privates, whether you concentrate on one style rather than a few, it can take roughly 4-6 years.
Where does the art of Wing Chun come from?
The Shaolin monasteries in China were the only beacon of light in an otherwise dark dynasty. The government was corrupt and began taking over by force. No one couldstop the government except the Shaolin monasteries and their monks. Government officials bribed certain monks, who helped the government by burning down the monasteries. Only a handful of people and five elders escaped through secret escape passages in the temples. These elders became known as the invincible five. The best of the five was a female nun whose name was Ng Mui, the founder of the Wing Chun system. She adopted the best martial art skills that Shaolin had to offer, then simplified it and made it more efficient and effective. Two of the arts from which she derived Wing Chun, the Crane and Snake, are still visible in the movements in the Wing Chun forms. She began to teach this simplified, more efficient art form. One of her prize pupils further refined the arts. This pupil was Wing Chun, which translates to “beautiful springtime.” It was Wing Chun's husband who added the weapons to the system.
What are the age restrictions?
We take students as young as 13 years of age for the adult Wing Chun program. For younger kids we have a wonderful child-oriented Wing Chun course offered earlier in the day.
What if I don’t have any experience?
Experience is not necessary. We will have someone work directly with you until you feel comfortable. The way the program is designed, anyone can start at the beginning of any rotation. Rotations are generally three months.
What time are classes?
Wing Chung classes are held Monday, Tuesday, and Thursday from 8:30pm until 9:30pm. We also have a class on Wednesday from 6:00pm until 7:00pm. For a more detailed schedule please click here
When does enrollment begin?
Today! We offer open enrollment through our academy so we are ready as soon as you are. Please feel free to call us 239-482-4300 or enter your information below to email us directly.
Who teaches the classes?
Classes are taught by Grandmaster Gallaher. Grandmaster Gallaher was trained and certified in Hong Kong under Chan Chee Man; one of Yip Man’s senior students. He also has studied with several other original Yip Man students, including Yip Jing, the son of Yip Man, with whom he trained privately with in Hong Kong. Grandmaster Gallaher is assisted by some of his students who have reached instructor level and have been training with him for more than 15 years.
How long have you been in business?
Our school was established in 1992 here in Fort Myers, FL.
Do I have to be in shape to start training?
Our program will get you into shape! You will hear positive affirmations about health and fitness while attending our school. You will be around a group of people that are constantly evaluating themselves to do better, to be greater, to revolt from the status quo and go after life whole heartedly. We will not only address the physical side of martial arts, but also the mental side. To quote Bruce Lee, “Knowing is not enough, willingness is not enough, you must apply.” Knowledge is power, but it’s the application that makes you powerful.
How much is tuition?
Tuition varies depending on the number of classes taken. We have a few payment options including month-to-month, which is slightly higher because your commitment is minimal, or a yearly agreement which is an automatic debit for convenience which is processed once a month. You can also pay in advance 6 months or one year for an additional discount. We also have excellent family plans available. We have a special internet rate to try our program out for one month of $59.95. This gives you two nights a week for the full month.
100% Satisfaction Guarantee!!

When prospective students come to our academy for the first time we will want to set up a time that they can take a tour of the school, view a class, and if they feel comfortable enough they may participate completely free of charge!

We believe that you will not only develop a love of martial arts with us but also we know that after only a few weeks, you will begin to feel right at home here. However, we understand that martial arts are not always a good fit for everyone and that is why we offer our 100% satisfaction guarantee. If after your first month of classes you decide you no longer want to continue, we will refund 100% of your tuition.